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Provide easy access to organized real estate data with empowering tailored solutions.


Be the global leading provider of critical information to solve known and unknown problems related to real estate.


Integrity, Tenacity, Creativity


  • REA empowers people and organizations to make the best decisions involving real estate.
  • REA endeavors to make its data, tools, and products available on a global scale, building out from Asia Pacific.
  • HQ in Singapore, Present in Malaysia, Hong Kong (China), Australia, and Indonesia.
  • Founded in 2019 by Dr. JM Paul, P Yan, J Yao. Chairman Pr. R Edelstein.
  • A dedicated team of dozens of Data scientists, IT specialists, UX experts, RE Developers, valuers, agents, statisticians, architects, geographers, MBAs, and urban economists.
  • REA develops technologies enabling transparency, efficiency, and innovative solutions. It has developed an Asian metadatabase that is comprehensive, organized, and accessible. A set of unique proprietary smart tools allows for transparent, granular, and fully scalable use. Users are empowered with a set of innovative and powerful applications.